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We provide training in Singapore for athletes and people from all walks of life, from the youngest to the most senior, and from beginning to elite level, using various advanced methods of goal-setting, bio-motor assessment, periodization, and training stimuli. Please email us at yourfitnessneeds@yahoo.com, or call us at (65)8-679-1087 for more information. Please leave us a message if we don't pick up as we are often busy with clients. We will surely return your call if we receive a message from you. Thanks, and have a fit and healthy week ahead!

"Your running method totally works! Write a book!"

- Chan Jia Ai, Christina, Professional Ballet Dancer, Boston, USA, 2 September 2008.

"'One of the most capable fitness instructors I have seen in Asia in recent years.'

"During the time that I have known Lim, he has shown great desire to widen his knowledge in all work related areas...Lim takes his job extremely seriously and has, because of that, spent a great deal of time acquiring a high level of knowledge in the field of health and fitness...Lim has the patience and aptitude to pass this knowledge on to others, whether it is in teaching new concepts to his peers or instructing a personal training client...

"In my position, I would often consult with Lim on issues in which he shows great strengths - such as human movement mechanics and biomechanics...He shows great empathy and character...His concern for five-star service made his conduct shine through."
- Bryan Hoare, BA Hons, MSc, Fitness and Leisure Director of The American  Club, 5 March 1999

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